Boracay Dreamland Theme park / Trick art museum (Optical Illusion art )

Where? Located in station 1 (Ask any tricycle driver for Dreamland and they will bring you there )

How much is entrance ? 180 Peso per person with discounts for children + Transportation fees (about 20-50 peso per person from Dmall)

Opening times ? 9Am - 5PM

WHat can i do there ? Visit Trick art museum , sky bicycle , birdfarm (All these for free included when you buy ticket )+ for extra charge you can do lots of other activities( Bumper car, Top Jet , Rock&Roll , Super Swing , Merry Go Round, Viking , Aladino , Flume Ride , Zorb.

About : It was open in 2010 and is 22,300 square metres .Its a great fun for a day out !Can enjoy taking pictures with each photo ! 

What is Optical illusion art ? Its Visually perceived pictures !It looks liek picture have three dimensions , although it has only two !When we see picture our brain is tricked and is seeing something that does not exist in reality .

Word " Illusion " comes from Latin work illudere - it means "to mock ".

Trick art purpose is to make visitors more familiar with art . And that they would enjoy their time in museum ! Visitors are allowed and encouraged to take pictures of themselves, friends or family .And everyone interacting with artworks.   Artwork will become alive !

This painting creates a look that water is pouring outside of the picture !You can stand next to it and be a part of it ! Don`t forget to smile !

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